Pivot It is a term that comes from the French language (pivot ). The concept can be used to name the tip of an object on which another different object is introduced or held, making one be in terms of turning on the other. This type of pivots is common in mechanisms formed by various pieces that interact with each other.

For the architecture , instead, the pivot is that column that is installed on the sidewalk (or sidewalk) to ensure that cars do not access it. For example: “The vehicle hit the pivot and the driver was fired by the windshield”, “The principal of the school asked for the installation of pivots so that the children can leave the building in a safer way”.

In the field of sports , pivot is a position within the playing field. In basketball (or basketball ), the pivot (also known as pivot or center ) is the player who moves closer to the basket and has the responsibility of capturing the rebounds. Typically, the pivot is the highest player in the team, although there are exceptions. Wilt Chamberlain , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O'Neal They are some of the best pivots in history.

At handball (or handball ), the pivot is the one who stands in the middle of the rival defense with the intention of generating spaces for his teammates. The idea is that the pivot produces a hole for another player to penetrate that space, although the pivot itself can also try to score.

Also in the soccer you can talk about pivot in reference to midfielder or steering wheel which is mainly dedicated to defensive tasks, trying to take the ball away from the rival team.

Double pivot

Football can not only use one pivot, but two. This concept, which is known as the double pivot, is that the two midfielders come together to play a series of functions which can be very beneficial for your team. This tactic is also called double 5.

Advantages of the double pivot

Broadly speaking, the advantages of playing with a double pivot are in the defense, as can be seen below:

* the midfield acquires greater consistency and gives the opponent less space to combine in zone three quarters between the lines;

* During the second moves, the centrals receive more aid. The pivots are closer to the balls hung to the area and they have the possibility of being located instead of a central to cover it while leaving;

* The opponent has fewer options to kick back. It is sought that the two midfielders that make up the double pivot are not in line, but that one of the two is ahead. his position it must facilitate the transition between defense and attack;

* the sides receive more defensive support since the interiors have the option of freeing themselves from the central zone to go to the ends;

* both ends have more freedom not having so many guidelines and being able to move towards any of the bands. As a consequence, the rival team often experiences confusion that can be exploited advantageously.

Disadvantages of the double pivot

While each application of the double pivot has different nuances, the following disadvantages are common to many of them:

* Since the attack It has one person less, the opposing team is more likely to get the ball to the sides;

* the sides must be in charge of the appearances per band in the absence of the ends, which has an impact on the lack of marking for the sides of the rival team;

* the double pivot causes fewer people in front of the ball, and this complicates the potential combinations from the three-quarter zone.